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  • Regime Without Bread

    Regime Without Bread


    Still processing this but for now works as a twin zenith with his other masterpiece City Of Pirates however while City worked as a dissolution of space through linear time this is much more exotic with it's fractured nature informing its surroundings rather than supplementing. At 73 minutes he squeezes decades of mise en scene in entire shots (hard to think of another director who blocks faces as well as he does) but it also shows him at his most…

  • Storm Children, Book One

    Storm Children, Book One



    Hour 88-90.5

    Going chronologically the opening shot of this contains Diaz's best image to date. In his trademark digital wideshot motif he films a cityscape split in a tripytch widthways. The lower section is formed of a tempestuous riverscape, an entire world consumed by a storm, torrential rainfall disrupting what would be a a halcyonic plain. The upper section is a sky of dense black clouds. Nearly no light can be seen in the entire frame and the sky…

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  • Project X

    Project X


    I spent my whole life wanting to be a mathematician. I excelled in it at primary school, continued it into secondary school where my capabilities made up for deficiencies in the social sciences and the like. This continued into college where I did my A Levels in Maths, Further Maths, Physics and Chemistry, letting the STEM grandeur take over and shedding all other pursuits as inquisitive hobbies. This narcissism only continued when my master’s application was accepted, narrowing my focus…

  • Song to Song

    Song to Song


    I’d never seen a horizon in my life. A long stretch passed from the heavenly days of 1978 to twenty years later where a fine scarlet chasm gulfed between the terran and the avian on a crisp Christmas morning. Malick was in his element. Gosling took centre, his furrowed fibonacci brow vanishing at the centre of his twenty-eight whites. Mara followed next, a perpendicular angle connects her forearm to her guitar, her fingers strumming to Klaus Wiese’s vision to a…