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  • Melody for a Street Organ

    Melody for a Street Organ


  • The Day I Bought a Star

    The Day I Bought a Star


    Even in their earliest works, Ghibli's in house style is one that's usually confined to their technical limitations. Takahata's works exemplified this more than Miyazaki's, try comparing Yamada's sketches with Only Yesterday's pastel shades (the most ever used in an animated film LINK) to Kaguya's watercolours. Miyazaki on the other hand, for all his contributions to the medium, hit the ground running with his work on Sherlock Hound and Lupin I with his maturation coming from narrative leaps rather than…

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  • Project X

    Project X


    I spent my whole life wanting to be a mathematician. I excelled in it at primary school, continued it into secondary school where my capabilities made up for deficiencies in the social sciences and the like. This continued into college where I did my A Levels in Maths, Further Maths, Physics and Chemistry, letting the STEM grandeur take over and shedding all other pursuits as inquisitive hobbies. This narcissism only continued when my master’s application was accepted, narrowing my focus…

  • Basically



    Never has another movie captured that specific aesthetic of a film you see 5 seconds of in a gallery before walking away.