Jesus the Revolutionary

Jesus the Revolutionary ★★★


Hours 11-12

A somewhat good movie that I desperately wanted to be better. Loved the first 20 minutes of this as Diaz interweaves a revolutionary call to arms with an action set piece based on a betrayal within a human rights groups combined with cinematography that make me think that this was Diaz's attempt at remaking Assault On Precinct 13. Unfortunately the movie loses a lot of steam after the initial coup as Diaz retreats into shot after shot after shot of leaders talking to each other about nothing in particular, with none of the same care that was given in Batang West Side.

The movie does start to pick up again in the second half, mostly as Diaz is a surprisingly good director of action and makes the most out of his locations but there's far too much dead weight in this for him to live up to his potential. This isn't even to say anything between the religious parallels of """""Hesus""""" and his army and the other leading factions at the time (Did make me laugh that he set this movie 10 years in the future in 2012 yet the landscapes make it look like it was shot in the 80s). My understanding is that Diaz never tried to make another action film after this which is a shame as there is talent here but I guess making 10 hour films about Phillipino families was more intellectually satisfying to him.