People That Are Not Me ★★★★

In her lovely debut from Hadas ben Aroya (the first female oriented Israeli sex comedy with any chance of an international release) she puts herself at the forefront as an honest examination of liberation in Tel Aviv. For her first feature she shows a commanding eye for locales and detail often co-coordinating colour between her environment and wardrobe not too dissimilar to this years La La Land but while that film dealt in grand gestures this is indie film-making at it's most intimate and sombre. This is to such a point that the film barely has a plot at all. There's a framing device involving a woman who can't get over her ex boyfriend so she starts hooking up with random people but it's mostly an exploration of character in the same way that Paz Fabrega's Viaje and Kelly Franon's The Edge Of Seventeen are. I don't want to say any more as Hadas's Hernandezian exploration of romance (especially in the night life scenes where this movie really shines) deserves to be experienced rather than talked about but here's hoping this film gets the distribution it deserves.