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  • Split Second

    Split Second


    This one wasn’t half as bad as I remembered it due to a tongue in cheek performance by the late Rutger Hauer but it’s still a stinker!

    A troubled production with only 8 weeks of actual filming in London (only 3 weeks of pre-production) at the long gone Hartley’s Jam factory by Tower Bridge,the film effectively portrays a futuristic water logged London over run by Rats.

    Can you believe the original music score by the legendary composer Wendy Carlos (A…

  • Looking for Johnny

    Looking for Johnny


    Very thorough documentary on Johnny Thunders and his tragic career.

    What a waste :(

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  • VHS Forever?: Psychotronic People

    VHS Forever?: Psychotronic People


    Ok the film is purposely very rough and ready but it has a heart and perfectly captures the zeitgeist of the eighties video explosion.

    If you ever rented a vhs movie back in the day and love film please give it a go.

    Not perfect but what is these days?

  • White Line Fever

    White Line Fever


    Classic seventies trucker B movie directed by Jonathan Kaplan who went onto mainstream success in Hollywood.

    The cast are all excellent with the late actor Jan-Michael Vincent in the lead and a top notch supporting cast including Kay Lenz,L.Q Jones,Slim Pickens and Dick Miller.

    The region free Mill Creek Blu-ray is excellent too.