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  • Drive-In Massacre

    Drive-In Massacre

    “But it’s also the banality of procedure that the protagonists of both films share that troubles me. The naive faith we place in Drive-In Massacre’s police reproduces the faith we are inculcated in as Americans towards the instruments of the state, the faith that they are dedicated to protecting our interests and competent to do so. And that faith is proven time after time to be misplaced as they egregiously fail to bring the murderer to justice. The slain of…

  • Them!


    "I suppose if there are any connections to be made in these films, it’s the age-old warnings of generational sins haunting our descendants. Whether it’s our personal desires for dangerous people that seep into the hearts of our children, leading them to destruction, or it’s our society desires for dominance that place our children in harm’s way, I guess the overall theme is that “what’s done in the dark will be brought to the light.” There is no hiding from the sins of the past—“the blood of our brothers cry out to God from the ground” (cf. Genesis 4)."

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  • Hereditary


    Director Ari Aster’s new film – with influences such as Japanese ghost stories, Stanley Kubrick’s horror classic The Shining, and 1973’s Don’t Look Now – brings the viewer front and center to an experience when, once the credits roll, leaves you physically tired.

    Hereditary introduces us to the Graham family: Annie (Toni Collette) and Steve (Gabriel Byrne), along with their two children, their son Peter (Alex Wolff) and their daughter Charlie (Milly Shapiro). We are invited into the story right…

  • Night of the Wererooster

    Night of the Wererooster

    The Night of the Wererooster, underneath its bizarre concept, its hammy dialogue, stiff acting, and ludicrous conclusion, has legitimate thoughts that it posits to the audience. The idea that the supernatural actually affects the natural world is essential to the Christian faith. Or any faith for that matter. Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism, Judaism, and the rest are seeking transcendence beyond the material to the spiritual. They all believe that the non-material can be deeply moved and influenced by the divine or…