Stop Making Sense

Stop Making Sense ★★★★★

I honestly don’t know what to say. 
I’m saying this in the most genuine way possible “this is truly a cinematic experience if there ever was one.”
Get out of here 2001, Stalker, Spirited Away, ISABD, No this is the movie that is truly an experience to be had.

I’m not saying the is my favorite movie of all time but like it might be my favorite movie of all time 

I’m counting this as an actual movie because it’s called that in the credits and cause I want to.

This is literally just a recording of a talking heads concert. And yeah it’s done with creative camerawork and stuff it’s not just one still shot of the concert. 

I hadn’t really heard any of the talking heads music before this but.... THERE WERE NO SKIPS

I love music because it just takes me out of my own shitty world and makes me happy for a couple of minutes. THIS IS AND HOUR AND A HALF. 

My mom came into my room like halfway through cause I was blasting it and said she was a huge Talking Heads fan. And I literally had no problem rewinding the whole thing back to the start and rewatching it with her. That’s how good it is. 


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