"I like tits and ass. Mostly tits."- Paul Verhoeven

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  • Mandy
  • Passenger 57
  • Dead Man
  • Spring Breakers

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  • Black Widow


  • Invincible


  • The Mummy


  • Resident Evil: Apocalypse


Recent reviews

  • Hard Rain

    Hard Rain


    A Very fun and underrated 90’s flick. A western but with Sea-doos instead of horses.

  • Live Wire

    Live Wire


    A big thanks to +ighe for putting this back on my radar. I picked up the dvd forever ago and totally forgot about this film. Let’s see….. it has Cheeseball bonkers Human Combustion, Ron Silver being a douche, A smooth sax solo sex scene, a guy in a clown suit gets punched in the face and blows up, and maybe best of all it clocks in at 85 minutes. These make Grooveman a happy Grooveman.

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