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  • An Elephant Sitting Still

    An Elephant Sitting Still


    Possible thematic spoilers ahead.

    It's 2 AM in the middle of the week as I'm left to reflect on the four-hour viewing experience of An Elephant Sitting Still. Before I gave this one I watch, I had already gotten trapped in a gloomy spell that left me doing nothing, yet also never sleeping. I'm vulnerable to these at night, and while I knew that An Elephant Sitting Still wasn't going to lift my spirits, it put this spell under a…

  • Waco: The Rules of Engagement

    Waco: The Rules of Engagement


    The Waco Siege is an event in history that's always haunted me, even when knowing nothing about it. Ever since I was young, I vividly remembered the sight of the burning compound. Regardless of how I saw it, that haunting image stuck in my head forever. My quest for answers always led me to a dead-end; every story I heard was different. Throughout my life, I've heard various explanations for this event. Some classified it as a mass suicide; most…

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  • A Simple Plan

    A Simple Plan


    From The Recommendation Feed.

    While I've never outwardly stated this before, I've been a Minnesotan all my life. I haven't been anywhere outside of the Midwest, and the snowy regions of Minnesota (just got eight inches of snow yesterday) is my familiar territory. It's why I have a soft spot for films like Fargo, and A Simple Plan is another addition to that aspect. Much like the former film, A Simple Plan's narrative revolves around a simple premise: people find…

  • When the Last Sword Is Drawn

    When the Last Sword Is Drawn


    From The Recommendation Feed.

    When it comes to Japanese cinema, it associates itself with the samurai more than any other. While there are plenty of films spanning various genres, the nexus of exceptional samurai film is in Japan. While there are plenty of astounding classic samurai films, my personal favorite being Kobayashi's Harakiri, there haven't been as many noteworthy additions since the turn of the century. However, one of the 21st-century Japanese samurai films that gained some attention is When…

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  • Marriage Story

    Marriage Story


    Marriage Story is less of a traditional film experience and more of a mirror to the unpleasant realities of millions of people. I can safely say that with this film, Noah Baumbach's exploration of divorce and love is as close to its truth as cinema gets. It doesn't even bog itself down with flashbacks to explain the latter half, and the bits and pieces of exposition on what their life was like are excellently justified in the film's universe. If…

  • All That Jazz

    All That Jazz


    Link to my original (but very outdated) review.

    All That Jazz is the best musical ever made, nothing else comes close. Bob Fosse's masterpiece is the most unflinching self-portrait told through cinematic language, uncompromising in its scope and web of self-hatred. It's everything I want out of a musical, as it takes every aspect of most musicals and embraces them, but also turn them on its head with this film's dark subject matter. It's also everything I want out of…