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  • Oasis



    chang-dong finally moving into moments shown through a levitating and drifting camera, and characteristically the beautiful moments given by oasis are constantly being offset by the cinematic equivalent of the banging of pots and pans. moon showing she’s a tremendous physical actor to pair with the more built up and inwardly rambunctious sol kyung-gu. one of the most bittersweet movies you’re likely to see and a real cringe compilation of chang-dong’s outsiders against their socially-trapped families.

  • Da 5 Bloods

    Da 5 Bloods


    spike always draws favor with me in the messes he makes just trying to land so many punches at once - emotionally and visually. rarely do you get a spike film with dull moment. yet there’s a lot of bizarre action here, a collage of characters that feel as if they belong to different movies, and some cumbersome dialogue that leaves this less than a top tier spike movie. but it’s wholly original, his themes radiate so organically, and i always love spike for that.

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  • Tabu



    a truly wondrous world of water on display in chromatic black and white. while the ethnographic work is essential in making the film so sturdy and lively, it’s murnau’s usual exploration of how old institutions detach us from the things we value (or thought we valued) that marks it as a true narrative feat. feels like genuine world cinema the number of perspectives that come together here.

  • Sleep Has Her House

    Sleep Has Her House


    Part of me can’t believe I wasn’t killed watching this.