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  • 2001: A Space Odyssey

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  • The Creator

    The Creator


    I absolutely *love* the way this movie looks. It's grounded in reality. Great designs for the robots, too. Decent enough story, but a little too much "poor man's Christopher Nolan"?

  • NYAD



    Man, what a tedious stinker. And why are they spelling the title in all caps, like it’s an acronym? The woman’s name is Diane Nyad.

    Annette Bening can *really* swim, though.

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  • Tetris



    Here’s a rare one: a 2-star film that I did enjoy. Here’s the thing: the further into the movie you go, the less “based on a true story” applies. It’s not a documentary, so sure, spice it up. Consolidate characters. Add some drama. But you either stick *pretty* close to the truth, or, you go full Charlie Kaufman and make it absurd. “Tetris” is trying to split the difference and I don’t think it made for a good third act.…

  • Chimp Empire

    Chimp Empire


    One of the best, most enjoyable, most engaging, and most informative cinematic experiences I've ever had. My wife and I devoured it. It's extraordinarily beautiful and compelling. It's a story about two warring groups, replete with interesting characters and compelling drama. Scheming, backstabbing, loyalty, social climbing, bravery, cowardice. It's all there.

    Footage so close and personal it seems impossible (and in fact was only possible because these chimps have grown accustomed to human researchers in the area for 25 years).