21 Jump Street ★★★★½

I avoided this at the cinema since it was desperately waving many red flags at me. Reboot of an 80's TV show that didn't even show here? Starring Channing Tatum, the blandest actor since Sam Worthington? This is the film that Jonah Hill got skinny for? PASS.

However after many recommendations from trusted friends I gave this a watch and it's now comfortably in my top ten for this year so far. Everything about this film surprised me. The jokes are fresh (the 'high school clique' thing, though I loved it in Ten Things and Mean Girls is handled in a new and much more realistic way) the characters are likeable, the humour is wacky and quotable on an Anchorman level (God I hope Korean Jesus becomes as big as Whale's Vagina). Tatum is seriously likeable in this and I hope I get to see him in more comedies.

The dynamic between the two leads makes me think that this is the American equivalent to Hot Fuzz, it's hard to make a laddy 'buddy' comedy endearing and charming, but 21 Jump Street gets it absolutely right. When the inevitable conflict between the two crops up, I found myself genuinely wanting them to get back together again as soon as possible.

I couldn't like this film more, I think it will, just like the aforementioned Anchor Man, live up to many repeated viewings. Fuck yeah motherfucker.

(Also, best cameo since Tom Cruise in Tropic Thunder just sayin')

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