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  • Resurrection of the Little Match Girl


  • Bullet Train


  • Perfect Blue


  • Belladonna of Sadness

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  • Elvis



    Maximalist fever dream with Tom Hanks as a Lynchian nightmare villain as scary as the guy with a movie camera in Lost Highway. When the Colonel was like "You are me" and so on I was like am I watching Perfect Blue?

  • Geochilmaru



    Five masters of different disciplines get invited by a mysterious master of the online kung fu forum that they're all in (the character names are their IDs on the forum - musashi66 is my fave) for a chance to fight him. They get invited to a smalltown in Kangwon Province (the same one as the Hong Sang Soo movie 😉) and tournament ensues. The entirety of the small town is the battleground. Just pure fun with very nice subtle touches…

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  • Bondage Ecstasy

    Bondage Ecstasy


    Power dyamic of Japanese salarymen culture sublimated into BDSM framework. Reinterpretation of Kafka in a gay porn universe with drive to power and drive to submit consuming everbody.

  • The Killer

    The Killer


    -Another tonally inconsistent brutal Korean action movie with (everyone is saying it I know but) "self conscious / not taking it serious"-ness of John Wick with brutal sleaze of The Man from Nowhere. Slash.. of course Taken, which was big in Korea.

    -Another one of hand-to-hand combat action comedy movies that features the disgusting and the sleaziest acts of crime that make for a super weird and uncomfortable tone (kinda like Midnight Runners or The Roundup).

    -It goes from action…