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  • Rope



    pete buttigieg origin story

    one of my favorite hitchcocks. haven’t seen it in forever and it’s even better than i remember it!

  • Enter the Ninja

    Enter the Ninja

    franco nero plays a texan veteran of angola (......) in the philippines (...............) who is also a ninja - a perfect 80s cannon premise

    the worst crime, however, is dubbing nero

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  • Come Drink with Me

    Come Drink with Me


    superb early wuxia. doesn't quite reach the heights of hu's "a touch of zen", but then few movies do

  • McCabe & Mrs. Miller

    McCabe & Mrs. Miller


    my meals now are just raw eggs in whiskey

    i love altman's sound design so much - characters muttering to themselves, and lots of conversations going on in the background of nearly every scene. the silence, when it comes, is really deafening