The Bachelors ★★½

This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

This review may contain spoilers.

A grieving father and son find love after the loss of their wife/mother, and try to move on.

Loved the opening scene.
Lovely performance by J K Simmons.
The dinner scene towards the end, where Wes explodes was well-acted.

The scene where Lacy gifts Wes a car seat. I didn't even know his car was missing a seat. Also, shot division in that scene, especially where he turns to hug her, could've been better. A few close-ups would've helped. It is, after all, the scene where they first form a bond.

Judy Delpy putting Lacy and Wes together. There was no proper "why". Lacy does mention later that it was for extra credit, but still, it felt convenient during the scene.

The doctor and his medication was one of the reasons why Bill spiraled down. It'd have been good to have a closure scene.

Wes winning the race didn't have any impact on me. The whole "pushing past the pain" speech by the coach could've appeared much earlier, and would've driven home the point better.

Dead mom was a great artist whose art was good enough to be wanted by a museum? Wow.. thanks for letting us know at the end. I just saw a painting at the beginning. Nowhere was it established that she was a career artist.

Bill giving away his wife's stuff. It goes away in some random truck. What truck is that? Is it a culture thing that I didn't get, or did they not want to show him throwing all that in the trash? It sure wasn't the art that goes away to the museum, because he decides to give it away after that unknown truck leaves.

Wes accidentally touching Lacy on her arm exactly where she cut herself... looked artificial.

Girls coming from a different school only to learn French. Why couldn't it have been a co-ed school? Wouldn't that have been convenient? It was a detail that wasn't really necessary.

For me, it looked like the screenplay had all the dots connected and in the right places. But the way these dots were connected could've been more effective.