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  • Kwaidan



    A 3-hour film that desperately wants to be described as hypnotic, but I think sluggish a more accurate designation. One can and should commend it as a hanger for lavish set design and creepy music, but I have to judge any horror movie relying 75% on its soundtrack as a failure. If you have Filmstruck, it wouldn't hurt to miss the opening of segments 2 and 3, with their mesmerizing background paintings and warfare at sea.

  • Disobedience


    Dreck. The film never gives any indication that the husband treats McAdams' character abusively, or with anything other than affection, so it comes across as championing infidelity, nonchalantly relating extramarital sexual relationships to its notion of freedom. In the last moments it tries to make some point about the freedom to err being what separates man from beast or angel, but this message isn't woven throughout the rest of the film and is delivered in a banal drop-my-prepared-notes-and-speak-from-the-heart address. The…

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  • The Book of Henry

    The Book of Henry


    Holy moly. This is one of those movies that defies words and simply must be seen to be believed, but I'll give it my best shot anyway. Herein we have such delights as:

    * Gifted children, again
    * Smartass kids talking back to adults
    * Parents listening to said smartass children and even relying on one of them for financial counseling
    * Adult-child role reversal taken to such an extreme that Mom rages at Gears of War and needs to…

  • Avengers: Infinity War

    Avengers: Infinity War


    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    "Thanos, in the houuuuuse!"

    Of course I made sure to see it as drunk as possible... and I could still discern that it was terrible.

    Why is this film wherein half of the Avengers "die" randomly and anti-climactically so front-loaded with quips and stupid jokes?

    Why is so much of the dialogue dedicated to explaining the infinity stones?

    Why did Gamora and Peter have to say, "I love you," to each other?

    Why am I supposed to care about an…