Beyond the Black Rainbow ★½

If you happen to be an unemployed millennial with a lot of time on your hands who thinks that neon lighting makes anything better and 2001: A Space Odyssey is the best sci-fi film of all time, then Beyond the Black Rainbow was made for you. About thirty minutes in I thought that this is exactly the kind of movie to which Eli Hayes would confer four stars or higher... and Jiminy Cricket, I was right!

Pretty much a perfect film for falling asleep, and I almost mean that as a compliment. The artificial color hues, pointlessly turgid pacing, and boilerplate ambient drone score all combine to outweigh some scattered horror scenes and create an extremely soothing, soporific product, bound to crush even the most rigid insomnia; I had to break out the aero press six hours before my regular bedtime just because I knew I wouldn't make it otherwise.

If I haven't availed you against this film, then just peruse a handful of the popular reviews and decide for yourself if it sounds worth two hours of your life. The most ardent and enthused advocates of Beyond the Black Rainbow won't even describe in complete sentences what makes it work for them, so what does that say about the substance of the art itself?

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