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  • A Day to Die

    A Day to Die


    Been gone a while haven't I? Yeah, been busy as hell and had to take some time away. It is what it is.

    So I've never got around to seeing these low-quality VOD Bruce Willis flicks, until now. After the diagnosis of Willis' aphasia came out, I felt like it would be in poor taste to make fun of one of these. Unfortunately, a friend of mine somehow talked me into enduring this shit with him, and we both paid…

  • Paint Drying

    Paint Drying

    So you’ll probably notice I’ve not been as active on Letterboxd lately. I’ve not been watching any films nor have I been leaving a lot of reviews, and there’s a reason for that.

    I’ve tried to be more active, believe me, but right now I just don’t have the motivation. It’s nothing to do with being bored of this site, but mainly because I’m occupied by other things in my life, like a VERY important university project that I need…

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  • Duel Personality

    Duel Personality


    Tom and Jerry Project: 1940-1967
    Duel Personality (1965)

    At this rate, I'm eager to just get these out of the way, Thankfully, only a couple of years left to go.

    Here's a pretty apt title for a change. When one of the duo's typically violent episodes goes too far, Jerry and Tom decide to settle their differences in a more "conventional" manner in the form of a good old-fashioned duel. It first starts off as a gun showdown, eventually working…

  • Grand Theft Auto 2: The Movie

    Grand Theft Auto 2: The Movie


    So I recently noticed this was on Letterboxd. Feel I may as well log it while it's there.

    When it comes to video games, one of my all-time favourite franchises would have to be Grand Theft Auto. Well, at least it was, before it's integrity got ruined by constant GTA V re-releases (with no sign of the next entry in sight), non-stop multiplayer monetization and abysmal Trilogy remasters. But there's a time and a place to rant about that.


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  • The Thing

    The Thing


    NOTE: Much better review here.

    The Thing stands as one of my all-time favourite sci-fi/horror films. Hell, I'd even consider it the best thing that John Carpenter ever did. This was my first ever exposure to the director's work, as well as Kurt Russell, and since then I've always been a massive fan of both of them.

    Based on the science-fiction short story "Who Goes There?", it begins in Antarctica, where a seemingly harmless husky dog infiltrates a U.S research…

  • The Amazing Bulk

    The Amazing Bulk


    I've seen YouTube Poops with better production values than this.

    Absolutely fucking painful. So bad that I refuse to even give it a proper write-up.