Calypso Cat

Calypso Cat ★★½

Tom and Jerry Project: 1940-1967
Calypso Cat (1962)

So while Tom is chasing Jerry around a city boat dock, Tom can't help but get distracted by the beauty of the female feline that's about to board a cruise ship set for the Caribbean. As Tom follows his love interest onto the ship in an attempt to woo her, Jerry finds every opportunity possible to kill his buzz, causing the female cat to reject every one of Tom's flirtations.

Standard Deitch fare once again really, a good enough premise, but a not so good execution. If there's one thing that these shorts are good at, it's coming up with neat ideas for visual gags (like Tom playing around with Jerry while he's stuck in a pile of jelly), even if the animation and timing doesn't do them justice. Still, Jerry sabotaging Tom's attempt at romance is always a decent laugh, and the drum playing Calypso cat that gets angry when his drums are kicked (thinking Tom is the culprit) is quite amusing.

Not very good, but as far as the Deitch era goes, it's moderately watchable. That's the most I can really "praise" this on any level, considering the usual issues with the animation, sound and timing negate the better aspects.


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