Dicky Moe

Dicky Moe ★★★

Tom and Jerry Project: 1940-1967
Dicky Moe (1962)

Even by Deitch standards, this one is rather odd, pitting the duo in a loose retelling of Moby Dick of all things.

A 19th century ship captain is obsessed with capturing a whale named 'Dicky Moe' (as is made obvious by his constant annoying grumbling). After scaring off his crew, he snatches Tom and brings him aboard to work on the ship deck. Clearly unhappy with this, he notices Jerry setting up a chair outside his hole and gives pursuit as always, leading to a typically chaotic quarrel at sea (as the captain continues to obsess over the whale).

Visually, this one resembles a UPA cartoon more so than the other Deitch shorts, with thick outlines that make the usually janky animation of this era somewhat easier to swallow. Some of the gag work here is quite good as well, not least of which involves Tom scrubbing the colour out of Jerry's outline with a brush and an anvil trap backfiring. That said however, the weird sound effects are still as off-putting as they've always been.

By no means great, but even in spite of it's problems, I found it quite watchable. If you've heavily disliked the Deitch era up until this point however, I doubt this one will do much to change your mind.


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