Maniac Cop

Maniac Cop ★★★

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Maniac Cop Double Bill #1

Maniac Cop (1988)

Tom Aitkins and Bruce Campbell AND Robert Roundtree in the same movie? Yep, pretty much count me in there. William Lustig is responsible for this slasher/actioner about a killer dressed in a police uniform (Robert D' Zar) who is going around offing innocent people. This begs the question, is the killer one of the NYPD's own, or a former disgraced officer embarking on revenge?

With bodies piling up, and distrust of the police increasing city-wide, Lieutenant Frank McCrae (Aitkins) is on the case, and Officer Jack Forrest (Campbell) becomes an unfortunate suspect in the case when caught near the scene of his wife's murder after she catches him banging a fellow vice cop. I think it's sad that Campbell considers this the weakest film he's been in, because I'd say he's just as much fun here a he is in anything else, as is Aitkins.

Lustig makes good enough use of the gritty NYC streets, and the pacing is decent enough. The first act sets the mood, with a few gory slashings here and there, the second act slows down a little bit with some investigation and insight into the maniac's backstory, but the third act is easily the most fun, with a hilarious final car chase that's set to some really goofy synth music.

This is an unbelievably silly film at times, even by 80s horror standards, but really that just makes it all the more fun to watch. Even then, it still has a pretty interesting plot, some good set-pieces and a dark sense of humour. Switch your brain off to the fullest and just have yourself a laugh.


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