Scott Pilgrim vs. the World

Scott Pilgrim vs. the World ★★★★½

To try and categorise a film like Scott Pilgrim is pretty difficult. If I were to best describe it, I'd say it's essentially a cross between both a live-action comic-book and a video-game at once. This had been the only film of Edgar Wright I had missed out on back in the day. Having watched it, I have to wonder just what the hell took me so long.

Based on the comic series and set in some weird universe where superpowers , Scott (Michael Cera)is a socially-awkward teen from Toronto, who plays in a band with his best friends and lives with a gay couple in a flat. His life makes a big change as a new girl named Ramona (Mary Winstead) moves into town. Scott instantly falls for her (while already in a relationship with a young Asian girl), and everything seems well, until he figures out he must defeat her seven ex-boyfriends one by one in order to truly have her for himself.

I also quite liked Cera in this. As Scott, he has a awkwardly-charming personality to him that despite the bonkers world the movie takes place in, I think alot of people can relate to. Winstead also has a mysterious presence as Ramona, which I feel makes her the most interesting character. Visually-speaking, Scott Pilgrim is a treat. Along with the usual touches from Wright (and some nods to classic games like Pac-Man and Zelda), the over-the-top fight sequences are a blast, with the addition of score meteors and arcade sound effects along with other stylistic touches.

Now for some people, a film like this would very appear as a "love it or hate it" kind of affair. I went in a bit sceptical, but it pleasantly surprised me in the end. I don't exactly know what it is that made me like it so much, but everything about it just works. It all has a real kinetic energy to it that's pretty hard to surpass, and I doubt few directors could have handled it better than Wright does.

For me, a unique, hilarious and energetic thrill-ride from beginning to end.


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