Slugs ★★★

Watched this at a friend's house on his Arrow Video copy, it was one he'd recommended to me for some time actually. Ann odd recommendation I'd say, but I'll take what I can get.

The title is self-explainatory more or less. It's a film about killer slugs, what is there really more to say? A small New York town becomes a site of slimy error when dumped toxic waste causes an outbreak of mutant killer slugs (with teeth!) to terrorise the locals. Meanwhile, health inspector Mike Brady manages to connect the dots over the mysterious deaths occuring around town, only to be (as predicted) laughed at while trying to convince officials of the truth.

Even for a dumb premise like this (filled with usual stereotypes like horny teenagers and inept authorities), the acting is pretty atrocious. Everyone seems to be either shouting their lines too much, or delivering them as wooden and monotone as you can imagine (the lead role is especially bad with this). It doesn't help that the dialogue ranges from completely unnatural to just plain non-sensual (the "Happy Birthday" line from the Leslie Nielsen doppelganger always gets me).

To it's credit however, it doesn't seem to really take itself very seriously. You can tell it's trying to have a bit of fun amidst the ridiculousness of it all. A good example of this is with the gore effects, which are pretty memorable and well-done, to be fair. Some of the death scenes in this are gruesome as hell, with highlights such as a dude literally hacking his own hand off with an axe, to someone's face exploding into a pile of slimy worms. It's not quite Fulci-level of nastiness, but doesn't come far off.

I have to admit that this film manages to be an enjoyable time-killer most of the time, but quickly runs out of steam during it's last half-hour during it's sewer climax. Really though, this is as good as a film with this sort of premise could ever be, so if you're into this kind of stuff, just switch your brain off and enjoy.


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