The Bourne Identity ★★★★

Geoff T's Bourne Marathon #1
The Bourne Identity (2002)

With the latest Bourne film up and coming, I thought it would be ideal to do some catching up and view previous instalments of the series. Adapted from Robert Ludlum's novel, this first instalment details Bourne's (Damon) recovery after being rescued by a ship crew and suffering from severe memory loss, as he travels across Europe (from Zurich to Paris) attempting to find clues to his identity while being pursued by CIA personal.

Damon is a suitable choice for Bourne, playing the role with a good amount of charisma and emotion, and he even pulls off alot of his own stunts which is very impressive (apparently he also studied martial arts before filming). Other cast members include Brian Cox as CIA Director Ward Abbott and Franka Potente as Marie Kreutz, whom assists Bourne in his journey.

Doug Liman proves to be a solid director for the material as he directs the film's various chase and fight sequences with professionalism, which in turn are well complimented by a solid music score by John Powell. The car chase scene in Paris is a particularly fine example of this, elevated even further with the addition of a high-octane breakbeat song ('Ready Steady Go').

I'd say Identity overall is a very well-crafted first entry, especially compared to it's far more brainless contemporaries at the time. It's consistently paced with plenty of interesting set-pieces and a compelling storyline, one that sets the standard for future entries. If you're not familiar with the series, this is a great place to start.


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