Wrath of Man

Wrath of Man ★★★½

In case you hadn't noticed, I'm now using Patron on LB. Not much of an upgrade from Pro if you ask me, but the backdrops are neat I guess.

Anyway, finally kicking off 2022 on a solid note with Wrath of Man, a Guy Ritchie joint in which he reteams with Jason Statham after a good decade or so. I kind of overlooked this when it came out last year, but it gained my interest after it was recommended to me by a good friend.

In Los Angeles, armored truck robberies are at an all-time high, the security firm Fortico having particularly taken its share of hits. A new arrival at Fortico turns out to be 'H' (Statham), an individual with an ambiguous past whose unusual skills turns out to be a shock to his new co-workers. As Fortico attempts to search for answers regarding H's past, it soon becomes apparent that he is after something far more than an average security job.

Initially, Wrath of Man comes off as a typical Statham action-thriller, with the latter effectively playing a cold and calculated persona. However, it ends up being something a little different with the use of a non-linear narrative, that splits the film up into several episodes which explore H's past and the events that lead up to his quest for vengeance. While at times this made the narrative a bit too contrived for me, the way everything eventually tied together was pretty clever.

Unusually, it's very dark and serious for a Richie flick, despite his occasional use of deadpan humour (mostly in it's humorous dialogue). It's got a pretty noticeable mean streak which is especially evident with it's villains, namely that of Scott Eastwood whose resemblance to his dad can't be unseen. Technically, Richie does a fine job. The L.A. cinematography often looks very polished and the action is mean and loud (the gun sounds are especially good here) without getting too over-the-top.

No, Wrath of Man doesn't do a great deal new but for what it is, it's a highly-entertaining and slickly-made crime-thriller that makes for one of Statham's most satisfying actioners. While it's non-linear structure isn't for everyone, this is a good watch if you just want a lean-and-mean, straightforward revenge flick.

Post Malone getting a bullet in the head was worth a good laugh.


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