• Paint Drying

    Paint Drying

    So you’ll probably notice I’ve not been as active on Letterboxd lately. I’ve not been watching any films nor have I been leaving a lot of reviews, and there’s a reason for that.

    I’ve tried to be more active, believe me, but right now I just don’t have the motivation. It’s nothing to do with being bored of this site, but mainly because I’m occupied by other things in my life, like a VERY important university project that I need…

  • Duel Personality

    Duel Personality


    Tom and Jerry Project: 1940-1967
    Duel Personality (1965)

    At this rate, I'm eager to just get these out of the way, Thankfully, only a couple of years left to go.

    Here's a pretty apt title for a change. When one of the duo's typically violent episodes goes too far, Jerry and Tom decide to settle their differences in a more "conventional" manner in the form of a good old-fashioned duel. It first starts off as a gun showdown, eventually working…

  • Grand Theft Auto 2: The Movie

    Grand Theft Auto 2: The Movie


    So I recently noticed this was on Letterboxd. Feel I may as well log it while it's there.

    When it comes to video games, one of my all-time favourite franchises would have to be Grand Theft Auto. Well, at least it was, before it's integrity got ruined by constant GTA V re-releases (with no sign of the next entry in sight), non-stop multiplayer monetization and abysmal Trilogy remasters. But there's a time and a place to rant about that.


  • The Cat's Me-Ouch

    The Cat's Me-Ouch


    Tom and Jerry Project: 1940-1967
    The Cat’s Me-Ouch (1965)

    So this one begins with Tom acting rather psychotically, as he attempts to cut down little Jerry with an axe. Seeking protection, Jerry (examining a magazine) remembers the pain that dogs cause for Tom, and decides to hire himself some muscle by ordering one via mail. On one hand, the mutt upon arriving turns out to be far smaller than Jerry originally envisioned. On the other, it ends up doing quite…

  • Night Fright

    Night Fright

    What do you get when the editor of Manos: The Hands of Fate tries to direct a film himself? You get a massive pile of shit, that's what. And Night Fright most certainly is a massive pile of shit.

    In seriousness, it's no worse than some other schlock films I've endured, but it most certainly is bad. In Night Fright (not to be confused with the far superior vampire film of the 80s), a rocket crash-lands in the rural outskirts…

  • Mesa of Lost Women

    Mesa of Lost Women

    Oh why did I subject myself to this? This mind-numbingly terrible horror/sci-fi B-movie from the 50s could easily be mistaken for an Ed Wood joint if only for the amount of people involved in this who also worked with the infamous schlockmeister. That said, anything Wood directed has more energy than this dull, confusing thing.

    So apparently there's some mad scientist guy named Dr. Aranya (The Addams Family's Jackie Coogan), who in his laboratory in Mexico has created (or plans…

  • The Year of the Mouse

    The Year of the Mouse


    Tom and Jerry Project: 1940-1967
    The Year of the Mouse (1965)

    On top of a chimney, a snickering Jerry and some random mouse decide to play some cruel jokes on Tom, who is sleeping in the living room below. As Jerry is lowered down the chimney into the room (via a fishing pole), he uses the tools necessary to mess with Tom (both physically and psychologically), before the latter eventually realises what's up.

    So Jones has been quite prone to…

  • Of Feline Bondage

    Of Feline Bondage


    Tom and Jerry Project: 1940-1967
    Of Feline Bondage (1965)

    The title of this one sounds somewhat...wrong. I don't think I'll elaborate on that further.

    So Tom is making Jerry's life miserable around a pool hall (shooting balls at him and whatnot), until the latter manages to escape into his hole. After which, Jerry's own fairy godmother appears (a completely out-of-the-blue concept if you ask me) and gives him an invisibility potion. Seeking revenge, Jerry takes the potion and uses his…

  • I'm Just Wild About Jerry

    I'm Just Wild About Jerry


    Tom and Jerry Project: 1940-1967
    I’m Just Wild About Jerry (1965)

    At night, a typical pursuit between Jerry and Tom begins on a rooftop and carries on into the city streets below. Some roller-skating down a steep hill and a nasty encounter with a tram later, the duo end up inside a large toy store, where they proceed to make use of the various surroundings to constantly outsmart and outrun one another.

    Again, not a wholly original set-up, but the…

  • Haunted Mouse

    Haunted Mouse


    Tom and Jerry Project: 1940-1967
    Haunted Mouse (1965)

    So Jerry's cousin (or some kind of relative) Merlin comes to visit, who also doubles as a magician (as if the wand, top-hat and cape didn't make that more than obvious). Seated at a dinner table, Jerry seems more than happy to get his cousin a good meal. Therefore, he makes his fridge, only to be confronted by Tom. Ultimately, the cat while giving chase, inadvertently ends up getting Merlin instead, and…

  • The Brothers Carry-Mouse-Off

    The Brothers Carry-Mouse-Off


    Tom and Jerry Project: 1940-1967
    The Brothers Carry-Mouse-Off (1965)

    The first of several shorts in this era in which Jones didn't handle directional duties himself. Instead, they were given to someone named Jim Pabian (his first and only T&J short). Regardless, this is pretty much indistinguishable from your usual entry of the era.

    So Jerry has a pool set up in the middle of the living room for whatever reason (complete with a sunbed and a diving board). Soon enough,…

  • No Holds Barred

    No Holds Barred


    When you're a wrestling fan, the urge to seek out certain "questionable" works can be somewhat tempting, and nothing proves that better than whatever this is. Enter No Holds Barred, a completely braindead Hulk Hogan ego-trip that could have only been spawned from the mind of Vince McMahon, who had so much confidence in it that he even had a PPV built around it.

    Rip Thomas (Hogan) is the current Heavyweight Champion of the World Wrestling Federation, who is approached…