The Hunt

The Hunt ★★★

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The Hunt is a new “controversial” film that was released after being postponed. Here are my thoughts.

I’ll give The Hunt this, I’ve never seen anything like it. Upon thinking about it I don’t think it should have been postponed when movies like Joker and John Wick 3 kept their original release date. The main performance given by Betty Gilpin might be one of my favorite of the year so far, she was awesome in this movie. It was also awesome to see Ethan Suplee again. I kind of like that this movie doesn’t pick a side politically, no matter what stance you take on a topic a joke will come your way. I think the direction is also good, in the first act it takes a bit before you know who the protagonist is. That choice does do a good job of building intrigue before the action kicks in. Pretty interesting satire film.
Unfortunately there is a downside to never picking a side in a satire like this, for too much of the runtime it feels like there’s too much going on and not enough streamlining by the third act. Also when it comes to character it’s pretty weak, besides the one main character there’s nothing to latch onto. So it doesn’t feel so much as characters as it did nameless bodies spouting politically charged wisecracks.
Score: 5.8/10
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