West Side Story

West Side Story ★★★★★

Wow! I’ve had such big expectations about this movie, that realistically it was hard to match them, Spielberg even exceeded them!

It’s ideal in every way (even in the way I’ve screened - absolutely alone in a movie theatre on the very first day). I’ve loved every minute of it. Top notch directing (obviously!). Great acting (even though I’ve loved trio of supporting actors more than two of the main). Perfect screenplay. Time-machine or cinematography. Impeccable casting. 

There are some films that have that ideal, but it doesn’t work on all levels - this is not the case. This is synergy. 

Usually when there’s a remake - I tell that no one is taking original from you. This is that moment that eventually 1961 version may become obscure. I truly don’t want that, but I don’t see how they can coexist - because 2021 is either on par, or superior than other version. It’s a pity, but it’s also great that we can live in that time and experience it in theatres.