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  • A Dog's Purpose

    A Dog's Purpose


    Apparently a dog's purpose is to try to distract you from the fact that this was more of an extended version of the tear-inducing trailer rather than actually say anything.

  • Pow Wow

    Pow Wow


    What a remarkable, beautiful, trance-like film poem.

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  • Better Watch Out

    Better Watch Out


    What a brilliant, fun, deadly piece of cinema this is. It's about time we had a great Christmas-themed home invasion (that wasn't THE REF, that is). Full of great performances, smart writing, and surprises, this better be in cinemas for Christmas 2016 or distributors are stupid.

  • The Gift

    The Gift


    Why is it so hard to make a movie like this where the third act doesn't completely destroy the interesting second act twist?

    You had so much potential, THE GIFT. Jason Bateman was really well cast for what you were going to pull off. And then you wasted it. Enough that I am still annoyed.

    I get really angry at movies that get this close to doing something unique/surprising and then pull back into conventional thriller land, like they're some sort of gifted kid who ends up working at 7-11.