Ruby Sparks ★★★

Ahh, finally a horror film about the Manic Pixie Dream Girl syndrome. The (very problematic) ending seems like it's more a "fine, I'll give you your stupid happy ending" than a happy ending and the film itself would have been more satisfying if it were comfortable indicting the whole genre and people who believe in that crap. How do you choose between having a muse and having a real life partner? Between letting someone you love be themselves, or keeping them with you? The sensitive beta male archetype gets put through the ringer as much as the MPDG archetype with such bitterness and realism that's the end is a bit of emotional whiplash. Interesting structure and some really brilliant back story bits jammed throughout. It doesn't all work, but it's good enough it's still worth seeing and appreciating the good bits. I think people who were hoping for a better adaptation of Chabon's "Wonder Boys" will enjoy this miles more than people who liked 500 DAYS OF SUMMER. This is clearly a writer's movie - both in the depth of the script and the sub-themes of the plot. In the end, I just hope that Scotty gets the attention and love he's so clearly missing.