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  • Prey



    Prey is without a doubt the best Predator movie since the first one. Going back to its essence and sharing similarities with the first one while being its entire own thing at the same time is one of the greatest strenght of Trachenberg's film. Amber Midthunder is a great protagonist and probably the best one of the entire franchise if not at the very least the most interesting one. Understanding of course that the character depth of the protagonists of…

  • The Black Phone

    The Black Phone


    Black phone is a decent horror film. Not bad, not great. The structure of the film works by relying on some established tropes of the horror genre even though it is kind of predictable especially if you've seen the trailer. While the trailer doesn't give too much it gives away enough. I almost feel that i would've appreciated the film even more not knowing the concept surrounding the phone and discovering it as the film went along. But the trailer…