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This review may contain spoilers.

I’ve already seen Taxi Driver, and I watched Raging Bull and The King of Comedy for the very first time. There I go! Done! I’m ready to see Joker! I had some spare time, 3 nice hours to do whatever I wanted. No work, just time to relax. But then I thought, “what can I do for three whole hours?” I was thinking about finally watching Midsommar for the first time. But I could watch that at any time. Why not watch another Scorsese movie? I got plenty of films I haven’t seen from him! Well, how about none other than The Wolf of Wall Street?

I have been waiting for years to finally see this. All of my friends who saw this movie when they were 12 couldn’t believe I haven’t seen this. But now, I got the time, and finally watched it. What was I thinking not thinking seeing this sooner?? This has everything. I was laughing, and I was terrified. Just wild. Scorsese’s direction, all the the performances, and Rodrigo Prieto’s cinematography is just wonderful.

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