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  • Doubt



    meryll streep, philip hoffman, viola davis and amy adams deliver an excellent performance in doubt! viewing it in 2021 after the vatican released a report on priests who have sexually abused children and seminarians, one is made keenly aware of the issues involved and the urgent resolve needed for the church to do right by the victims, especially children. the ending is galvanic especially after the intense argument between sister aloysius and fr. flynn! five stars for the movie.

  • The Vast of Night

    The Vast of Night


    I like the build up of the suspense of whether there is a top military secret or something else. I also like the fast pace of the dialogue and the partnership of the young switchboard operator and the experienced radio jockey who persistently searched for the source of the noise in the radio. engrossing movie!

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  • Sound of Metal

    Sound of Metal


    the pace of storytelling and the story itself are very good. loss of hearing is something that does not get to be discussed in movies often. the acting of the two actors is natural, especially in the portrayal of acceptance of his disability and loss of his girlfriend.

  • Lonely Encounter

    Lonely Encounter


    Lonely Encounter - two lonely people, a taxi driver and a young student, meet and on the brief ride to the school campus, each unknowingly gave comfort and confidence to each other to go on living despite the crushing devastation of a loss of a partner and the bewildering, confusing time of choosing a path to take. Sometimes, it is in sharing a ride or a brief conversation that one realizes that fate is in one's hand and no one else's. Calm and beautiful portrayal of transitions in life.