Gui Spada

Brazilian filmmaker, cinephile, and movie collector.
Writes for Papiro & Mint.

Favorite films

  • The Dreamers
  • 2001: A Space Odyssey
  • The 400 Blows
  • Blow-Up

Recent activity

  • Elvis


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  • Fantastic Night


  • Pistol


Recent reviews

  • Elvis



    It's amazing how apathy can "save" some movies for this is probably the strongest thing in Elvis - with the exception of Austin Butler, of course, who despite not delivering an outstanding performance, he can personate Elvis in a way that seems he was born to play that role.

    I'm not a usually big fan of biopics because fiction it's always more exciting than reality, and life itself never gets as interesting as the pictures, especially when we cover years…

  • Fantastic Night

    Fantastic Night


    People usually say that we can't dream about people we have never seen before because our brains can't create new faces. With that said, it's not very likely that we'll fall in love with a mysterious woman that we only see in our dreams, but I guess that's precisely the line Marcel L'Herbier is trying to blur in La Nuit fantastique.

    Based on the reviews here I guess it's pretty unfair that this isn't getting the recognition it deserves because…

Popular reviews

  • February



    An eternal search of the self through nature. Some creatures are simply made to be left alone. To wander in the woods, to dream with the birds and dance in the snow. We should enjoy it more because it's only temporary.

  • Brothers by Blood

    Brothers by Blood


    Matthias Schoenaerts acts like he wished he was dead throughout the entire film and that's exactly how I felt while watching this.