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  • The Long Goodbye

    The Long Goodbye


    If jazz was a movie, The Long Goodbye would be it.

  • Hi, Mom!

    Hi, Mom!


    "All you need to make a movie is Robert De Niro as a young peeping tom, faux accords, black power and a gun" - Jean-Luc Godard.

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  • Calm with Horses

    Calm with Horses


    Bullhead meets Trespass Against Us with some Good Time vibes. And Cosmo Jarvis is the new fucking Matthias Schoenaerts. What a performance and what a directorial debut.

  • Green Book

    Green Book


    In response to all the negative reviews, I love how many white people here are saying this movie is racist. I also love the fact people take in consideration small details of character flaws and judge the entire film based on that, ignoring everything else just like people ignored Blackkklasman's problems but took in consideration the message more than the film itself.

    But look, Im also a white dude who is defending the film, so why trust me?? Loved it either way.