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  • Brazil
  • Pan's Labyrinth
  • The Constant Gardener
  • Requiem for a Dream

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  • The Eye of the Dog


  • The Wedding


  • Softie


  • In Love & War


Recent reviews

  • The Eye of the Dog

    The Eye of the Dog

    Very "naturalist" or "neo-neo-realist" film on low middle-class youth in Rio de Janeiro, a town of a very violent and criminal police. The climax, however, is not very convincing.

  • The Wedding

    The Wedding

    After a mildly promising beginning (although a little generic both for a Rodriguean adaptation and for a Brazilian film from the 70's, quite similar to many others), it worsens a lot, becoming chaotic dirty bad-taste nonsense. Initially, weirdness brings an intriguing atmosphere. but soon it becomes clear that it is just one more noisy and boring crappy experiment by Arnaldo Jabor. Quite typical of him...

Popular reviews

  • Ukraine on Fire

    Ukraine on Fire


    A very informative film, together with great footage, on the history of far right-wing nationalism in Ukraine since the II World War and how the United States contributed to it since the beginning of cold war in order to weaken Russia, until the coup disguised as a colored revolution. As drawbacks in the documentary, I may mention that there is a kitsch opening, and that the argument that the way activists in many colored revolutions throughout the word sang similarly…

  • Cassiopéia


    Neither the most compelling sci-fi story, nor visually impressive in its 3D images, but extremely important for the history of cinema: the first full-made CGI film is Brazilian! Excellent Toy Story was finished before it was planned just not to be released after Cassiopeia. Anyway, Pixar used physical models for the toys, while all robots in Cassiopeia have been fully designed in computers... with a small budget! Watch it here: youtu.be/8azqJrOJvj8