Wrath of Man

Wrath of Man ★★★★½

This was way better than expected. It kept getting better as it went on. I wasn’t sold from the trailer or reviews but yeah, it’s pretty good.  

It was at the 35 mark where I started really grinning. This film has really smooth action sequences and as usual music choice. The color grade and pallets was a little dull and dark for my liking but in the film it flows.The pace and progression in the film is another avocet i really enjoyed. Apparently films with chapter titles help me stay more engages. It was fun trying to decipher how each chapter was going to play out by reading the title card. I’m looking forward to rewatching the opening credits.  

The film title also helped me buy into the film more. If had a characters name, say, John Wick, I’d expect a badass film as such. By not having a title like that brought more of surprise than I expected.  

On a side note: to me, personally, Guy Ritchie is one of the best directors for “guy” movies.

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