Guardians of the Galaxy ★★★★

Guardians in the Galaxy was as awesome as it was billed; very much a cross between The Fifth Element and The Avengers. Speaking of The Fifth Element though, I agree that the villains are pretty lacking here (Again, Marvel) and that what a movie like this really needed was a Jean-Baptiste Emanuel Zorg. I mean, Lee Pace, you're playing a character called Ronan the Accuser in a movie with a talking raccoon and a dude who gets inside more alien panties than Kirk (these are awesome things); you aren't in Lear, it's OK to give a big performance here. And Thanos is getting firmly in Dr. Claw territory; as others have pointed out, the only thing he has succeeded in doing so far is assembling two teams of what will be sure to become his most powerful enemies.

Still, everything is so much fun and there are so many great set pieces (LOVE the jailbreak), that it's easy to ignore the villains as just sort of living MacGuffins. And it is truly refreshing to see space opera that does such a fantastic job of world building without getting bogged down.