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  • Gremlins


    Getting a PS5 gave me an excuse to test out the 4k disc (otherwise I would have waited closer to xmas, oh well)

    Gremlins is like a B-horror movie dressed up an A-family xmas movie. I really get a Creepshow vibe, with some of the crazy angles and dark humor. I love how everything is foreshadowed like the sword that keeps falling off the wall, and is seen in Billy's art, later becomes a weapon to fight the Gremlins. There…

  • Doctor Sleep

    Doctor Sleep

    Just saw Doctor Sleep, the sequel to the Shining. I was like "ok bunch of monsters trying to steal kids with psychic powers," which is the plot of Dark Tower but this is going to be unrelated. But no, whoever made it has to be a big Dark Tower fan because there are several big references to the series.

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  • Inferno


    Hoop-Tober Day 17: Inferno

    Another strange trip from Dario Argento. The plot is mostly incomprehensible, something about 3 mothers or witches who chill in weird buildings. The setup is intriguing, with its grim fairytale-like storyline. But it is mostly just an excuse for characters to stumble around in the dark before being offed in random ways.

    What Inferno really nails is the atmosphere. There are some great shots of monolithic architecture with everything covered in eerie lighting. Considering most of…

  • Blood Diner

    Blood Diner

    Hoop-tober 2017: Day 19 – Blood Diner

    “All of the mutilations, bodily dismemberments and cannibal rituals were performed by seasoned professionals. Please do not attempt any of these stunts at home. Thank you.”

    From the opening warning, you know you are in for something delightful.

    Two brothers, who run a vegetarian diner are serving us the customers as today’s special. Simple enough for a slasher, but throw in their uncle who is a brain in a jar, a rival diner…