The Bride of Frankenstein ★★★★

Hoop-tober 2017: Day 25 – Bride of Frankenstein

To a new World of Gods and Monsters

The defacto horror sequel that both expands and elevates the first film. Picking up moments after the first film, the Monster survives his near death under the burning windmill by falling into an underground well (Halloween 5 would later recycle this.) He goes a new murderous rampage but is quickly caught and escapes in about a min to rampage some more. He also makes a friend in a blind man who teaches him how to talk, and we see a bit more humanity in the creature.

Meanwhile Frankenstein is approached by the delightfully devilish Dr. Pretorius, a fellow mad scientist with a god complex, to continue his work. Here it gets much more in the psychology and morality of creating life.

The whole thing moves at a brisk pace, and giving the monster the ability to talk and Dr Pretorius’ machinations do help tie in more with the novel. The only bummer is the title’s Bride is merely a plot device who only shows up during the last 5 mins to shriek and not much else. That is the point, but the great design of the Bride is rather underutilized.

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