The Devil's Candy ★★

Hoop-tober 2017: Day 27 – The Devil’s Candy

Here is a hot take for you, Netflix’s horror movie selection is garbage. Sure you find a couple little nuggets in there like Ravenous, but then you have dozens and dozens of just z-grade indie direct to video fluff. Netflix has become a blackhole, just sucking people into a void of nothingness because Netflix is all people watch nowadays. So that brings us to the latest title from the Netflix-hole, the much hyped The Devil’s Candy.

The Devil’s Candy is about a fat mentally ill gun toting killer in an orange speed suit who terrorizes a family living in a Texas farmhouse. The most uninteresting and ineffective horror villain I have seen in quite a while. Somewhat more interesting is the subplot about the visions/possession of the household’s heavy metal painting father. He has some dealing with a potentially Satanic art gallery or something which never really gets fleshed out or resolved.

But hey the actors who play the family are a pretty good metal family unit. The daughter wears a Metallica t shirt that you likely own and there are some metal tunes on the soundtrack. Feels like they are really trying to hook in metal heads to this movie, but at least the use of metal is appropriate given the subject matter.