Hoop-Tober 4: Gore Galore

In the witching time of night, below the dusky waters, in the dead hush of midnight, you can hear the barking of hounds. The night grows darker and darker, stars sink deeper in the sky, clouds hiding them from sight. 31 stories of ghosts and ghouls will be told tonight. 🎃

👻6 sequels (mix-and-match. 6 total)
👻6 countries
👻6 decades
👻6 films from before 1970
👻6 Directors: Carpenter, Raimi, Whale, Browning, Craven, Tom Holland
👻3 people eating people (non-zombie)
👻1 Hammer Film
👻1 Romero Dead film
👻1 terrible oversight
👻2 Tobe Hooper Films
**All films will be watched and reviewed**

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**films and order subject to change**