The Master

The Master ★★★★★

The second film in what was meant to be a 4 movie marathon. Tetramoose and I highly anticipated The Master, so I'm finally glad we sat down and watched it. The Master is an exceptional film, and another great movie under Paul Thomas Anderson's belt. It is definitely my favorite film of 2012. What's strange is that the film hardly has a plot, and it really doesn't need one due to its heavy reliance on characters, direction, acting, cinematography and thematic depth.

The performances from Joaquin Pheonix, and Philip Seymour Hoffman are intense, and compliment characters that are compelling, deep and interesting. There were scenes of just Freddie Quell and Lancaster Dodd talking that were so entertaining and engrossing that I wished that they went on forever. Watching the relationship of these characters develop is captivating, just like the relationship between Daniel Plainview and Eli Sunday in There Will Be Blood, but instead of a bitter and bloody rivalry, it is a strong friendship. Just imagine this kind of content coupled with other aspects of Paul Thomas Anderson's movies, beautiful cinematography and a great score.

The Master is definitely a must see film, and one that makes me very excited to see Paul Thomas Anderson's other movies.