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  • Public Stenographer
  • Postal Inspector
  • Park Avenue Logger
  • The Flaming Urge

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  • Cousin Jules

    Cousin Jules

    Conflicted about this one. On the one hand it is beautifully shot and the life led by the couple interesting enough to hold attention for its outdated simplicity, evoking a disappearing world, but at the same time, perhaps because I've been watching too many silent films lately, I can't help but notice how it is all shot. Every camera set up, each cut and reset, is jarring for feeling so designed, aesthetizing this lifestyle and, in the silence of the…

  • Sambizanga


    More about networks, of control and resistance, obstruction and support, than it is about heroic individualism. The struggle is long and difficult and life must go on while the battle is being waged. Some of the most important elements of the fight is in the assistance a community provides simply to maintain a sense of shared life in the face of oppression. A living unified community is the necessary shape of opposition to colonialism's rule by the few.

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  • Manhattan


    It's been much noted that the ending of the movie is an homage to City Lights, but it doesn't seem to be as much mentioned that the analogy then is one where the Tramp's assistance in helping the Blind Girl to see is used by Allen as an equivalent for Isaac "helping" Tracy to "see" culture as Isaac does. Which is to say Allen is suggesting passing on his allegedly discerning sense of taste in cultural products is roughly equal…

  • The Bones

    The Bones

    The "girl", as the synopsis lazily has it, Constanza Nordenflycht, carrying out the ritual was seduced at 15 by Diego Portales under promise of marriage and then abandoned by him while pregnant. She was partially shunned by her family, became pregnant again by Portales, once again under promise of marriage and once again abandoned, became deathly ill leading Portales to return for the marriage, only to renege when she recovered, returning to father one more child and abandoning his responsibilities…