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  • Memoria


    Memoria is an uneasy film, it has an anxiety about it that comes, in part, from Apichatpong choosing to tie the movie more to a single subjective point of view than in his previous films, although still holding something of the same observational distance in the larger perspective as well. It suggests something of a split perspective, as if Apichatpong is trying to both maintain his equanimity in seeing the big picture while allowing more doubt over the role of…

  • Resident Evil: Retribution

    Resident Evil: Retribution

    Speaking of texture and tone, this movie impresses more for leaning away from all but the flimsiest of excuses to tie those things to any sort of greater purpose and does quite well by doing just that. Setting aside the look of the movie, the dialogue is almost the Platonic ideal of stripped down perfunctory exposition and emphasis. It carries just the amount of info needed to provide excuse for the story events as they unfold, suggests relationships without feeling…

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  • Manhattan


    It's been much noted that the ending of the movie is an homage to City Lights, but it doesn't seem to be as much mentioned that the analogy then is one where the Tramp's assistance in helping the Blind Girl to see is used by Allen as an equivalent for Isaac "helping" Tracy to "see" culture as Isaac does. Which is to say Allen is suggesting passing on his allegedly discerning sense of taste in cultural products is roughly equal…

  • The Bones

    The Bones

    The "girl", as the synopsis lazily has it, Constanza Nordenflycht, carrying out the ritual was seduced at 15 by Diego Portales under promise of marriage and then abandoned by him while pregnant. She was partially shunned by her family, became pregnant again by Portales, once again under promise of marriage and once again abandoned, became deathly ill leading Portales to return for the marriage, only to renege when she recovered, returning to father one more child and abandoning his responsibilities…