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  • Some Kind of Hate

    Some Kind of Hate


    Strong and tragic founded from a place of unrelenting despair. Bloody and deep, figuratively and literally speaking. Some kind of hate is some kind of a modern gem❤️

  • Blood Beach

    Blood Beach


    The title says it all! Some surprising strong pieces of dialog from the coroner and a grieving widow. The music is wonderfully campy and the acting is sometimes helpless. The close-ups works even though they are inconsistent! So why three stars? Because Jeffrey Bloom has a heart and a vision, even though he ain’t no Craven, and that is rare in these times❤️

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  • Southern Comfort

    Southern Comfort


    9 cocky soldiers sat on a branch. 9 cocky soldiers sat on a branch. Teasing the big, big crocodile (stealing boats). Teasing the big, big crocodile (shooting blanks). And the big crocodile came closer and closer and... Chump!!!... 8 cocky soldiers sat on a branch... well you know the drill. Even if this Hill-gem is a little bit predictable some times and is heavily inspired by “Deliverance” it is so strong in performances and the setting is sublimely claustrophobic in…

  • Gummo



    Uncompromising and honest look at severe poverty and the outlet of that for the young people involved ; boredom in everything from whipping a dead cat to wrestling with a kitchen-chair. Strangely poetic even though Korine ain’t no Lynch. Some of the rabbits-scenes and a scene with the director himself seems a bit outtake-ish but I loved its crooked heart and the damaged souls who occupy this seldom seen part of the world, which could have taken place anywhere really.…