The Young Girls of Rochefort ★★★★★

After years of yearning I finally got to see the conclusion to Demy's trilogy. And I fell in love with it right from the start! I mean, it's GORGEOUS!
The music! The singing! The dancing! The costumes! The colors! All so vibrant!
The actors! Deneuve, Chakiris, Gene Freaking Kelly! The scene where Gene Kelly is introduced left me with the silliest, largest smile possible. That camerawork! Damn!
Everything is so spot-on!
And the story! It toyed around with my feelings as it pleased. It left me speechless, breathless, completely absorbed in awe, with my heart aching with anticipation, as all the connections between the characters unfolded to me while remaining unknown to them.
This film made me want to simultaneously hug Jacques Demy and PUNCH HIM IN THE FACE.
But mostly hug him.

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