Bowling for Columbine

Okay, time to get political:
Almost 20 years after this doc, and everything is still the same. 

There’s this bit in this doc that strays off for the moment and talks about the media and news networks. Which implied how most if not everything they show is to strike fear into its viewers. Which I agree 100%.
Which brings me to one of my favorite quotes:
“My wife and kids aren’t on twitter and they barely watch the news, which explains why they’re happy and outraged about absolutely nothing.”
CNN, Fox News, MSNBC, Buzzfeed, Pewnews, etc., they’re all the same. 

Now about the main topic: guns.
Good research, but obviously way too one sided. It’s like the sought out the pro-gun psychos.
This doc should have dug deeper into exactly WHY there are more deaths by guns in the US instead of just showing numbers, giving false accusations, and blaming the NRA.

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