Midsommar ★★★★

Warning: This film is slow as hell, it keeps the slow pace throughout its entire runtime, also Ari Aster is back to prove how much he loves his nudity.

This film is pretty crazy. The plot of this film is pretty good, even though it’s given away halfway through the film, the journey to it was nice/wild to sit through. The characters are great; the main lead is great in her role, and Will Poulter provided excellent comedic relief. Although there did lack a little bit of development for some of the characters. 
The directing and cinematography are amazing. Almost every scene or shot is crazy or gorgeous. 

Honestly, I liked pretty much everything else other than the things I’m about to list:
The pace is so slow and drags on so much. This did not need to be over 2 hours, but regardless, I was still glued to the screen for that time. 
Every time the music picked up and it hinted that something bigger was going to happen in a scene, it cuts abruptly. It did this about 10+ times throughout the film. It could have dove a little deeper into its horror, but decided to give me blue balls instead. 
Speaking of horror, I really don’t see this as a horror. While there are some disturbing images, it gave off more of a shock value than anything. This is more of a slow suspenseful drama. 

There are some things that are left unanswered and this film just kind of glosses over them. Also the things I disliked about this film kind of have me 50/50 on whether I want to rewatch it down the road. 
But as of right now, I liked it and my score should remain the same and may or may not go up or down if I do decide to rewatch this. 

- 🎟💻 Theater worthy if you’re into these kind of films, & stream worthy if aren’t normally but have an open mind.