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  • Nemesis 4: Death Angel

    Nemesis 4: Death Angel


    Albert Pyun for sure has a muscle lady fetish. Those sex scenes seemed like a labor of love for good ole Albert. Also, that robotic penis penetration scene, gross.

    Definitely the best of the Sue Price trilogy. I’m pretty sure this just ignores the previous two but Alex is in the future now so I’m happy. It’s the only “worthy” sequel to the original so far, unlike 2 & 3 this one is actually cyberpunk. I enjoyed it but like the other sequels it’s pace is slower than shit out of a sloths ass. 

    Oh jeez, there’s another sequel apparently.

  • Nemesis 3: Time Lapse

    Nemesis 3: Time Lapse


    Much of this is unused footage shot for part two, and it really shows. Despite that I actually like it better than Part two. Nemesis 2 is so bad that it’s worse than the scenes that got cut out. Still not as good as the first one.

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  • Robot Ninja

    Robot Ninja


    Not a robot or a ninja. It’s more of a drug addicted comic book writer/artist. 

    I really thought this was gonna be about a robot who knows ninjutsu, but that’s just ridiculous. I should know better by now. But believe it or not, this movie RULES! More impressive given the small budget and that the director was only 19 years old. ROBOT NINJA doesn’t fulfill all of its own ambitions but it’s occasionally interesting, and it’s consistently fun.

    So not…

  • Foodfight!


    The animation in this movie is sub windows XP clip art quality. One of the most perplexing disasters I’ve ever seen. This movie could be mistaken as a sketch from one of those Tim & Eric Andre adult swim shows.

    Watch it as intended, on acid in a train station bathroom at four in the morning. It’s a truly unbelievable experience.