Catch Me If You Can

Catch Me If You Can ★★★★½

I knew who Leo DiCaprio was, due to 'Titanic,' but never had I seen him take over a movie before. He owns the role of con man Frank Abagnale Jr and is a total chameleon when he has to, bs-ing his way into the occupations of an airline pilot, doctor, and lawyer with ease.

John Williams also provides a great subtle score that doesn’t overpower the drama and action, but perfectly underscores it in a unique reflection of the central character himself. Tom Hanks is his usual excellent self, and Christopher Walken is very good as Frank’s father.

I love the story told here, and Spielberg has just the right touch for the material. The fact that he was the victim of his parents divorcing is evident in how well such a plot is handled. Despite Frank’s continued cons and conquests, he always feels like an outsider. Four and a half stars.

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