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This review may contain spoilers.

La La Land is a love story between an actress and a Jazz musician. They both have dreams, and unfortunately because they follow their dreams they have to give it everything! In the end this causes them to not be able to be together.

First of all this movie was sooo cinematic. It felt like an old movie. It seemed to have been an homage to older romance movies but set in modern day L.A. This affirmed a belief that these movies held up and the reason why we don't see them anymore is not because they are not good, but rather we have just moved on. But the foundation is solid. And that foundation is what this movie was built on.

Now, the plot was also good, it made you invested in these characters and it did a good job of showing what I have always thought. That for dreamers it's hard. You can fail, you have to sacrifice, and the world is not on your side. I loved it.

Lastly, the music was great, but the dancing was subpar.