The Dictator ★★½

I think it's getting pretty official now that I love Sacha Baron Cohen when he do skits and he tries to trick people that have no clue about him and I am not impressed by his "fiction" movies that follow a script. I gave a 3/10 to Ali G Indahouse, which is one of my favorite characters of his TV show, only because it was scripted. Of course, Borat and Bruno are somewhat scripted also, but he makes you feel like it's not and he's just out there tricking people around him with his characters. I won't say that this movie is as bad as Ali G, but I found it was somewhat weak. Discovering the dictator was pretty fun, he has a knack for creating goofy, over the top, characters and this one was way out there, but the movie quickly shifted to a story that didn't really catch my interest. I still laughed from time to time, especially when he gave stupid one-liners, it is hard to resist, but some scenes were just not funny to me and I think he could have done a lot better with this concept that was really interesting on paper. I liked the music though! All these american songs sung in arab, it was a great idea.